From the Desk

HASTE Contracting & Trading WLL has successfully aided
clients across Qatar in Electrical works, HVAC, and Plumbing & Drainage since 2011.

However, I know longevity isn’t enough alone to persuade you that my team is
the perfect fit for your project. You also need a team you can trust to handle
all MEP systems with the utmost care, expertise, and transparency.

Through those 12+ years, Haste Trading & Contracting WLL
has worked hard to develop a team with unbeatable experience and professionalism.

 My highly-qualified ISO-certified tradespeople are at the top of their game. I am both proud of all they achieve for our prestigious clients and proud to recommend their services to all those in need of skilled MEP work in Qatar.
So, whether you need MEP works in your new high-rise apartments, luxury villas, or industrial sites & government projects HASTE Contracting & Trading WLL is here to help.

Managing Director

Who We Are

Established in 2005, Haste Contracting & Trading W.L.L. is an ISO-certified “Trading and Contracting” company that installs and maintains all types of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems in high-rise buildings, luxury villas, industrial sites, and more. With our highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced staff, we take pride in delivering exceptional services to many prestigious clients in The Land of Luxury – Qatar.


To serve our prestigious clients better and create with them a lifelong relationship built on commitment, collaboration, dedication, customer satisfaction, integrity, and trust. 


Haste Contracting & Trading W.L.L. is on a mission to provide world-class MEP systems engineering services for high-end clients that will match the opulent lifestyles and grandeur of Qatar. By going above and beyond in providing our vital services, we play a crucial role in building a more streamlined and sustainable construction that enhances the energy efficiency, safety, and comfort of its residents.

What We Do

We provide exceptional Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems engineering services, with the electrical segment as our main area of expertise. The MEP system is an integral part of every home or building, and the reason why we have to ensure that we only provide our clients with the best engineers who are equipped with all the skills necessary to deliver a service that will leave our prestigious customers nothing but satisfied. Aside from professional qualifications and expertise, our staff can also collaborate smoothly with an entire construction team from all other areas to ensure an impeccable integration of all systems in every residence, building, or facility. We are dedicated to working with our clients from start to finish and even after the installation because we also provide annual maintenance of the MEP systems that we have installed. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in any building or estate serve as the backbone of its construction. Ultimately, these systems can have a significant impact on the integrity of a building. In this light, the MEP systems should be maintained regularly but not all contractors offer maintenance after they have these systems installed. For this reason, we do not only provide system maintenance to the MEP systems that we have installed because we also offer the same services to all other existing MEP systems in Qatar. It will be to ensure that the prestigious homes, estates, and buildings in Qatar will offer comfort that matches the opulence that this country has to offer. Aside from the MEP systems, we also provide HVAC and firefighting systems services to help enhance the comfortability and safety of all our clientele.